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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Gainfully Employed

I just signed the official offer of employment here at work, so at the end of the month (to make the bookkeeping easier) I'll be full-time once again.

I got the salary I wanted, so considering that contact was a little hit-and-miss regarding the hours I worked (no project = no money, and no paid vacation days), I'm going to come out ahead of where I was for 2004 financially, not even taking into account the RRSP matching plan (4% of salary) and the bonus (which is admittedly hit-and-miss around here).

I'm now going to be doing ADAMS training for a week in April as well. Training was the first thing I was going to hit Steve with once the papers were signed. But I was just going to hand them in when Alina (who handles the training) asked if I knew anyone upstairs at HGE when would want in on an ADAMS course (a dynamic simulation package) as she had two free spaces. My intro to ADAMS was about six years back, so I suggested myself, and everyone decided that was a great idea.

The offer of employment came with this hilarious form specifying what I had to be able to do, and how often. My professional qualifications were about half a page. The remaining couple of pages consisted of "ride in a car" occasionally, "talk and hear" continuously, etc.. Oddly enough, I have to "stand" occasionally, but I don't need to "climb or balance" at all! So I guess if I'm in a wheelchair I'm obligated to use canes or a walker now and then.

Steve says he's not sure if this form is legal in Canada or not, but it'll go to the States and vanish in a file folder somewhere in HR.

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"talk and hear" continuously,

Continuously?! At the same time? Next they'll be wanting you to walk and chew gum. >:-)

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