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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Had my annual physical yesterday, and everything is in good shape.

My blood pressure is "excellent" (which means I'll live longer), blood circulation is good, and despite the fact I've had a bit of a nagging cough ever since I had that really bad cold last month my chest is clear. The only note of concern is that I've put on some weight lately, and if I put on any more I'll be officially overweight (I'm right at the boundary now). This is a reflection of the fact I've haven't done any cardio in the past month (kept using "oh I've still got a cough" as an excuse), so it's time to buckle down again and cut back on the desserts.

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Ah - thought you were looking slightly heavier than your brother lately.

Darn. Now I'll have to learn to tell the two of you apart all over again. :-)

I would not in my wildest dreams have thought that you were anywhere close to overweight. You and your brother both look so skinny to me... I keep wanting to pull out the old Jewish Mother act and tell you, "Eat, bubbeleh! You're too skinny!" :)

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