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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Catching up...

owlfish beat me to this, but there was a terrific event at the Merril Collection last Thursday, with Farah Mendlesohn, the editor of Foundation, an academic journal about science fiction. Lorna, the head librarian there, interviewed her about editing Foundation and her current major project, a study of children's SF. She was smart, funny, and completely charming, and the interview was amazing. It was taped, and I think you can go into the Merril and ask to listen to it. I'm going to do that, Farah said so much it was tough trying to process it all in a single sitting.

I also saw Wes Anderson's first feature film Bottle Rocket (Owen Wilson's first film too), with benet last week. When benet phoned me about it, I asked what it was about, and he replied (correctly) that is was usually futile to try and describe a Wes Anderson film. It was no Life Aquatic (which was one of last year's best films IMHO) but I enjoyed it. You never knew what was going to happen next, and it was interesting seeing Owen Wilson play a somewhat uptight and wound-up character instead of his more usually laid-back self.

Friday my brother and I went to a taping of Rick Mercer's Monday Report (it was his idea) down at the CBC building on John St. They ask you to show up at least 40 minutes early because they have to ferry people up to the 6th floor in batches in the elevator. Rick Mercer was every bit and funny as he always is (which is a lot), and several of the video clips they showed of the items filmed during the week were from newfoundland! Rick went out to a oil platform under construction, and to Memorial University where he met up with his old sparring partner, John Crosby, now the chancellor of MUN (and who is really looking old these days). Rick did autographs at the door for everyone at the end, which made all of us feel better about waiting for the elevator this time. RMMR is a current events show, so the Friday show will be aired Monday. Watch and you might see the back of me and Dave's heads.

Saturday morning I did a cooking class with owlfish down at the Cookworks, on brunch dishes. It started at 10 AM, so I had to get out of bed at a decent hour on a Saturday to make it. Oddly enough, I found it easier than during the previous week when I had to get to work. We started out with various egg dishes, with the result that I finally know how to make an omelette (which I made and ate). Later, we split into grounds to work on various dishes, and at the end we all served up and ate. There was so much food most people couldn't do more than half-clear there plates, although a few people managed it. Everything was great. The waffles tasted a little odd (owlfish and I did the corned beef hash), and it was discovered that one of the sugar bowls actually contained salt. I wonder if that ever happened to Julia Child.

The class is associated with the Mildred Pierce Restaurant (and is adjacent to it), which is apparently very popular even though it's located in an industrial area downtown. For the movie buffs out there, the restaurant is named for a Joan Crawford movie, where she plays the title character, who has a hugely successful restaurant and a spiteful daughter. Many of the dishes there are named for characters from the movie. We all got a cookbook with the restaurant's brunch recipes at the end of the class.

Finally, my friend Jason, who is getting married in two weeks, had his "guy party" yesterday as well. Because he and all his friends (including myself) are lame, we spent it playing word games. There was some alcohol there I should point out, which makes it slightly less lame. And it was fun.

which is associated (and right next to) a restaurant called Mildred Pierce

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my friend Jason, who is getting married in two weeks, had his "guy party" yesterday as well. Because he and all his friends (including myself) are lame, we spent it playing word games

LMAO! You should have hired strippers to dress up as letter tiles for a human Scrabble game. :D

"Don't worry, honey, the guys and I are just going to play some word games!"

Actually, a suggestion went round at Jenn's bridal shower that you guys should have strippers play scrabble against each other, and cheer them on.

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