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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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In reverse...

The other day I got off the southbound subway at Spadina, and when I went up the escalator the moving sidewalk was gone! They've taken it out entirely and just replaced it with ordinary floor.

Anyone feel like the 21st century is going in reverse? We lose the SSTs (the Concorde) and now they're taking away the moving sidewalks.

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I heard that they removed the moving sidewalk because it was too high maintenance (and often broken). When they were tearing it out, the narrow hallway they left for people to walk through was pretty creepy.

LOL, talking about the 21st century going in reverse, one of my audio teachers at college loved to tell people about analog's comeback in the world of professional audio.

No guy. The 21st century isn't going in reverse. We're actually approaching the 'real' future, not the one dreamed up in the 60's and 70's. Instead of Flying Cars we have people who can't afford cars, and instead of a beautiful and modern world, we're quickly spiraling towards a dystopia where only the elite of the elite can live in a comfortable , clean, 'modern' manor.

That's a sad possibility. My brother wants to get more knowledgable about politics to try and make sure things don't start seriously slipping in this country. I think that's something I should do to.

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