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The Engineer

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Software Rebates

Staples is currently offering a deal where you buy this year's Quicktax package and a Norton utilities package with a $40 mail-in rebate. Does anyone have experience with these mail-in rebates? Are they on the up and up, or are they some scam?

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Who's offering the rebate - Staples, the company that publishes Quicktax, or Norton? I would think that Staples and Norton would be on the up-and-up about this kind of thing, at least.

A little of column A, a little of column B.

They are counting on you being too lazy to send in the rebate, rebates often make products unreturnable, and sometimes they never come at all. But, on the whole, I have always received my checques, though it often takes months to process (they are in no hurry to give you money, to be sure).

Mail-in rebate information.

In my experience mail-in rebates normally take anywhere from like 8-10 weeks for a rebate cheque to be issued. Pending what company is issuing it it may be a up-on-up on a downer on recieving it. I've always had good success with the rebates. If the company is a big name or blue chipper then it would not really make much sense for that company to screw their PR and company image by screwing people out of a rebate cheque. If it was say a smaller company like "joe brand socks with $x.xx rebate" then I'm not sure if Joe company would really follow through fully, not, or maybe 50/50.

With mail-in rebates the company normally holds your money till last minute to gain as much interest as possible (Source: A friend of mine that worked for a few companies and learned out the insides of rebates fromt he accounting people) on your dollar then mail you the rebate on the last week they promised which would normally be 10weeks.

I find that most of the time the rebates are mailed on the 10th week but I've had a few rebates issued around the 6-8th week. SEGA (when they're still around 2000) issued me a check that took 6 weeks. Pretty fast. I just wished they'd still stayin the console market. ;_;


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