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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Saw Ong-Bak, the Thai Warrior at the Paramount last night, thanks to my friend Paul winning a double pass at the last Kung-fu Friday. It truly kicked ass, or rather delivered elbow smashes to heads, our hero's trademark move.

Paul rightly pointed out that one of the big selling points of the movie is that is shows a fighting style, Muay Thia boxing, that's new and fresh to us. Not to mention that there's no wire-work in the movie, Tony Jaa pulls off every astonishing stunt we see him do (my favourite sequence being a chase down twisting alleys where Jaa effortlessly leaps over and dodges every obstacle in his path while the pursuing gang has to smash thru them). It also helped that Paul's been to Thailand, so he was able to explain to me some cultural details that went over my head (not that I mind that in a foreign film, movies set in other cultures should showcase that culture)

Before the movie they had two guys and a girl (the Canadian female champion) from a Muay Thai school doing some sparring which was very impressive, even though some members of the audience obviously wanted to see some blood.

The only problem with the evening was that the movie was dim most of the time, which made it difficult to make out some of the fight scenes. I'm not sure if it was the lighting during filming, the print, or if they just had the projector at the Paramount turned down, although I suspect the last. Stupid Paramount. Even if they are cheaper now.

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What a relief they're cheaper now! I wonder why.

About two weeks back Famous Players announced that they were dropping their movie prices down to $9.95 max (the Paramount had reached $14 for evening movies). Tuesday's are now no cheaper there, but considering that they were $9.25 before that's not much of a loss. Afternoon movies are a buck or two cheaper.

Maybe they finally realized those prices were just driving people (like me) away.

I keep seeing their ads in the TTC which showcase the phrase Nine Dollars and Ninety-five Cents as though it were a movie title, with rather horror/thriller typre imagery behind it.
I was actually sort of disappointed once I figured out it wasn't a movie - I was speculating on what the title might refer to in a horror/mystery context: the amount of money in the victim's wallet? the price of an artifact that turns out to be evil/sought after by the bad guys?

Those are very clever ads.

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