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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Been quiet lately...

I've mainly been busy at work, or huddled at home because of the cold the last little while.

I've been having an awful time at work getting this computer model to run properly. To be precise, it's a model that ran on a different version of the analysis software I use, and I have to get it running properly on the current version.

I've had a couple of late frustrating nights with it, but it looks like I've nearly got it licked now. Whenever something like this happens, my default response it that it's taking so long because I'm a complete idiot, and this will be the time everyone else finally realizes it.

Of course. I'm feeling better now. It also helped that I found out that it took hundreds of hours of work, mostly fine-tuning, to get this model running in the first place, and my biggest problem with it may actually be due to a bug in the software.