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Yesterday I learned...

... that I can't wear a beret.

Maybe nobody can, except for commandos. And they only get away with it because if you laugh they can pull a knife and kill you.

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Maybe nobody can, except for commandos.

And the French (see my icon).

No, wait, sorry, that's not really a beret. :-/

Depends on the beret, I should think. Are you talking about the high type that Scouts and UN soldiers wear, or the low type with the little stickie-uppie thing that French artists wear?

I'd obviously have to see you in it to make a determination, but I wouldn't think that the latter would look terrible on you. The former, on the other hand... ick. Unless you're planning on joining the UN peacekeeping forces or become a Scout leader, I'd stay far, far away from them.

I used to wear them in the Scouts.

The key is to mash them soft and mould them to your head.

Finally tug the left side down over your ear.

Center any badge over your right eye.

This should give you a rakish look.


Funny thing is, as Lance pointed out, I can see you in a beret; so long as it was the right type of beret.


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