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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Still catching up...

Continuing in catch-up mode, I spent a couple of days earlier this week up in Musoka visiting with my friends Karen and Shirley. Now, they've got snow up there. Going up there is always a chance to just flop out and relax for a bit and recharge your batteries, especially just before the holiday crush. Karen's a huge Puzz-3D fan, and I bought up the R2-D2 puzzle I got for $5 (what a steal) a few months back but hadn't got around to putting together yet. I gave her a hand with assembling it (although she certainly did the lion's share of the work) and in making sure neither of their kids ran off with any of the pieces. The models's about two feet high when finished, and even comes with a sound module with R2's beeps and blorts. These puzzle makers do very impressive work.

Their biggest puzzle is of the New York Skyline. It has over 3000 pieces and measures something like 3 feet by four feet completed. I'm surprised actually that it's still available seeing as how it features the World Trade Center. I wonder if the people who buy it now put the towers together.