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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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(no subject)

Been back in Toronto a few days now, doing not much more than playing X-Com and watching movies. Lazy lazy lazy.

Xmas in St. John's went well. Had a huge Xmas dinner at the older brother's, and helped polish off the turkey the next night as well. We got snow late on Xmas day, and then a lot more of it.

Spent all of Monday wondering if my flight was going to make it out, most of it while sitting at the airport. My bother and I were flying CanJet, and they only make money when the planes fly. Air Canada likely saves money if they don't, and they were canceling flights left and right.

Anyway, our inbound flight was over an hour late, and then circled for 30 minutes while they tried to decide if it could land or not. It finally did, we boarded, and then after about an hour left the plane again, due to ice on the runway and low ceiling. After another hour and a half (during which it rained steadily and melted the ice) we got back on and finally took off.

Saw Team America the other night at the Royal. Amusing, but not nearly as effective satire as the South Park movie was. I noticed that current politicians all got a free pass from Parker and Stone, I wonder why.

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I read (saw?) an interview with Parker and Stone that said Dubya was originally going to be in the movie, but they decided against it. They feel that the US has acted as the "world police" for a lot longer than four years.

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