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Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition

Well, the upshot of the meeting (see below) was that there's no real news and there won't be till the New Year, so that's some time I'll never get back.

Anyway, onto some interesting stuff. Last Friday my brother bought over the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring for a viewing at my place. There's about 30 minutes of extra footage added, and it was quite amazing. pater Jackson's not just dropped in deleted scenes in a few places, he's recut the movie so that the additional footage is worked in throughout its length (with a few scenes being significantly expanded). the score is reworked in places, and even some scenes that haven't changed seem to have used different takes that were used in the theatrical version.

The upshot is that the flow of the movie is significantly improved, particularly in the first third, and character motivations are much clearer. Boromir comes across as a much more sympathetic character, Merry and Pippen get to kill an Orc in the final fight scene (all the fight scenes seem cooler). We got more on Aragon and Arwin, and more emphasis on the fact that the Elves are leaving Middle-Earth. We get more with Bilbo in the beginning, narrating about hobbits as he writes his book (this replaces a lot of the comments Gandalf makes to Frodo as he enters the Shire, the only place when footage has been removed).

Lothlorien is greatly extended, which it deserves. We get a full gift-giving scene, and Gimli being completely croggled by Galadriel. We get a lot more of Galadriel, period.

In most extended versions, I end up agreeing with the theatrical cut, that there was a reason for that scene to be removed. The biggest exception to this to date was the director's cut of Terminator 2, which added all the wonderful character bits to an already good movie and made it a richer experience. The extended version of Fellowship does the same thing.

Also, we found an easter egg with consisted of the council of Elrond with Sarah Michelle Geller and Jack Black attending, which was made for the MTV music awards. I won't spoil it here, but it was very funny, especially the use of reaction shots from all the movie characters.


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