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Weekend Update

Very busy weekend for me. At times like this I actually feel like I have a life.

Friday there was a book launch at the Japan Foundation, The Dominion and the Rising Sun, about Canada-Japan relations from 1929 to 1941. It was quite good. Tokyo was only Canada's third foreign legation (after Washington and London), and the millionaire who was our first representative to Japan built the place using $200,000 of his own money. The original building still exists as an adjunct to the modern one.

The JF usually puts out a excellent spread, but it was just bread and cheese (plus wine and saki) this time. Once they had some sushi, but I think they were trying to impress some Japanese visitors. I missed my dinner, so I filled up until they kicked us (me and Janet and Aaron) out. Ended up back at Aaron's and Janet's where she and I watched a CBC special about Arafat while Aaron searched the house for the TV remote (it was by the phone the whole time).

Saturday I met with Jason and Jen for brunch at a place called Boom! on College just east of me. Boom! only does breakfast and has become very trendy, we had to wait in line for a half-hour to get a table (groups of two got seated a lot quicker). Good food and coffee, I'll have to head back there again.

Later on Saturday headed out to Irwin and Lisa's for their usual get-together. Someone bought the new Doctor Who Lost in Time DVD, a collection of odd episodes and clips from otherwise lost stories (out of the 12-episode Dalak Master Plan only three episodes exist. Sigh). Also, in complete defiance of international copyright, I saw the first three episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica series, which have been shown in the UK already, but won't be in North America till January. They were excellent. This new series is doing a much better job than the original of capturing the desperation of people who have seen almost everyone die.

Sunday I slept in, went clothes shopping because I realized I hated at least half of my long-sleeved shirts, and played some Settlers of Catan in the evening with owlfish and colins_journal. And I finally, finally, FINALLY managed to win a game! I started out strong, the mid-game looked like it could go any way, and I ruled the end-game. Victory is mine!


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