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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Recent movies

Saw The Incredibles last Friday, which lives up to its name. My new favourite Pixar movie, it's also one of the best action-adventure movies I've seen this year. The discussion on the perils of capes is worth admission alone. And the action sequences are meticulously conceived and rendered. These days with so much bad CGI used in live-action movies, so that action scenes look like jokes if you can follow them at all, it's interesting that it's a completely animated movie that seems more "real", in the motion of human bodies and the audience's ability to follow what is happening. As superhero movies go it's right up there with Superman.

But we didn't get the trailer for Revenge of the Sith. The Internet lied to us!

Last Sunday saw the original Godzilla at Cinematheque with my brother. That is, the original original Godzilla, no Raymond Burr in sight. This restored version extends the destruction of Tokyo and adds in a lot of small character bits that got cut from the English dub version (such as one woman saying things were worse than at Nagasaki).

In the English dub, Raymond Burr is narrating into a tape recorder to his editor as Godzilla stomps thru the city, ending it with a "This is it!" when his building is pushed over. Turns out this was a complete rip-off of a scene where Japanese reporters are watching from Tokyo Tower, who conclude their broadcast with "Sayonara, everyone!".

And Dr. Serizawa is still the only person to ever kill a Godzilla.

Finally, saw Primer Wednesday night with Janet, a preview showing thanks to a free pass that was handed out at Bakka Books. I missed it in the Film Festival a few months back, so I'm glad I got to see it now.

Its plot is hard to describe, as it's shot in sort of a "hidden camera" format, as if we were watching real people doing what they do. We open on four engineers (I like it already) sitting around a table discussing inventions they're working on in the garage. Two of them start building a device (we're never sure what it was originally supposed to do) but find it has some interesting additional properties that they begin exploring and eventually start losing control over.

It's all very talking heads with little action, and I lost the thread of it about two-thirds of the way thru (wasn't sure anymore what exactly they were trying to do at this point, or why they were doing it, or who was doing it), so I can't recommend it to the casual movie-goer, but it was one of few real SF movies I've seen, as opposed to what we usually get, action movies where they use ray-guns instead of bullets.

Like Donnie Darko I do think it's original, but also like DD it's probably a little too convoluted for it's own good. I don't need all my questions answered by the movie's end, but I prefer the feeling that the answers are all actually there if I sit down and watch it again (see Memento).

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^_^ Glad to hear you enjoyed the original cut of Godzilla 54. ^_^ hee hee. *thumbs up*

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