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Men with Drums and Farewell King Noodle?

Went with Catherine (who really should have a blog because her life is much more eventful than mine) last night to the Music Gallery, a centre for experimental music, for Drums with Men, an all percussion performance.

First piece was a one-hour solo snare drum performance by an apparently well know Swiss guy, Fritz Hauser, and the second a three-man improv piece. Liked the second more than the first, the three guys had a huge array of instruments to work with, including the little-seen "water-fall", a metal jug with many vertical metal rods attached to it that everyone was ooh-ing over afterwards.

The Music Gallery performances are at the St. George the Martyr church downtown, which is a very nice space. Although I've always wondered if George was tough enough to slay a dragon did they manage to martyr him? Maybe they got him when he wasn't looking. They have free lunchtime performance Wednesday for anyone who happens to be downtown.

On the streetcar back I took a look at King Noodle, a long-time source of cheap, late-night Chinese food at Spadina and Dundas. According to marahsk it has closed down, and sure enough, it looked very empty as we passed by, no "under renovation" signs in the windows or anything. While it's not like there's a shortage of places to eat at that corner, I'll miss it if it's really gone.

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"St. George the Martyr has been venerated for centuries by Christians of both East and West. It is commonly thought that he met his death at Lydda in Palestine early in the fourth century. By the early Middle Ages his tomb at Lydda was a center of pilgrimage, and many churches were given his name. But as early as 496 A.D. a list of recognized saints put out under Pope Gelasius frankly called him one of those saints "whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God.""
There were pre-Norman dedications to him in Britain, but his sweeping popularity is not reported to have come before the end of the 11th century. There are differing versions about the slaying of the dragon, which does not appear to have entered his story until the latter part of the 12th century. 

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Re: me wants orange chicken

Let's see. The Garlic Pepper at Yonge and Wellesley is pretty good, it's my favourite delivery place enough though I'm outside the zone and have to pay extra. I think you should be inside.

There's another place on Spadina north of Dundas called Swatow (309 Spadina) that I just went to a while back with some friends that was fast and really good. Note that it's cash only, I don't think they even take debit.

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