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New Fridge!

Last Friday I got a new fridge, courtesy of the landlady.

Ever since I've been here, I've had this old-style fridge with the little inside freezer that fills with ice so fast you can scarcely use it for anything, and indeed, I've gotten completely out of the habit of have frozen food, even ice cream. Which I suppose is actually good from a health standpoint.

But last week I got the call that it was finally going to be replaced, and I now have a brand spanking-new one, with a frost free freezer, inside which ice-cream now sits. No automatic ice-maker, but built-in ice cube trays. I figure with the vacancy rate climbing, my land-lady is trying to butter me up to stay.

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Hm, I recently got a letter from my landlord offering not to raise my rent if I renew my lease before the end of the month for a full 12-month period. I wonder if I can get a new fridge thrown in, as mine is the same as your old one - tiny little icebox that has more ice than air in it.

(Last time I tried to defrost it, I couldn't remove the tray because the ice on the bottom was too thick. I bought a small length of really thin hose to direct the overflow into a bucket, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow...)

Mine was so full I had to just turn the fridge off before I left for work, and by the evening the freezer had melted back enough that I could haul out this huge slab of ice. I dropped it in the sink, and it still hadn't completely melted by the next morning.

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