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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Just have to get this out of my system...

Stupid, STUPID Americans!

(exempting of course Americans I happen to know)

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Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry!

Think we'll be hearing that a lot in the next four years?

Don't you mean Kodoss? (sp?)

I just saw on CNN that Kerry conceded... damn, I wish the CRTC would let me watch this on Fox News!!

I wish the CRTC would let me watch this on Fox News!!

To continue your Simpson's riff: "Fox News, the only channel not afraid to say the truth. That everything is just fine."

When you say Fox News, you have to put the quotes around the word "News". When speaking, you have to do the air quotes with your fingers.

Air quotes are also acceptable when saying the words "Fair And Balanced".

And when you type it, it should be "Faux News".

Well, they were the first (with "daylight second") to acknowledge that Kerry got Ohiowned. If I'd thought to check their website, I could have gone to bed earlier. :)

I voted for Kerry too; I stood in the rain outside the US Consulate for 25 minutes waiting for my turn to get in and pick up my ballot.

Naturally, the real one had arrived in the mail that day, but I'm convinced I wouldn't have received it if I hadn't suffered for it.

Mine, in fact never arrived. I just received the voter information packet from the state on...November 2nd. I expect I might see a ballot in two or three weeks...

That sucks. Were you able to vote, or did it have to be THAT form?

I never got a voter information packet...but as soon as I applied for an overseas ballot, I started getting mailing from people running for local offices who found my new address.

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