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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Sunday I was on a Bloor Trail Hiking Club hike. I figured for once I'd have no trouble making the 10 AM bus at York Mills because I'd have the clock's going back on my side. I got there just past 9:30 AM and there were exactly two spaces left on the bus.

There were just over 50 people on this hike, and with that many people, you're getting into "more trouble than it's worth" territory. Everything takes longer, and there was too much loud talking going on for my taste, I kept having to maneuver forward and back to find a quieter place on the trail. It also didn't help that the hike leader started the hike on the wrong place (so we spent a total of a half-hour back-tracking right at the start), and the same thing happened again about two hours in, with us taking a wrong turn. Another hiker I was talking to agreed with me that these hikes are getting way too popular for their own good.

I did enjoy the day. The woods were full of falling leaves (and so is my street as well) and 14 km over hills is good exercise. It's just that I'm feeling that those woods are getting too crowded. The big plus with the club is that I don't have to worry about the driving and the navigating, but my priorities here might need re-examining.