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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Night of Dread

Took in the Night of Dread, a local Halloween parade and other event in Dufferin Park, on Saturday with owlfish and Colin.

Things looked bleak during the day for the parade, as it was raining steadily and pouring on occasion, but the God and Terror and Darkness must have smiled on us, as it cleared up in the late afternoon. It was actually amazingly warm for this time of year for most of the evening.

We all got together in the park at about 5:30 PM. Clay and Paper Theatre, which organizes the event, provides a number of giant puppets for the parade, representing large fears, and a lot of little signs (made up of a small pizza box on a stick) for anyone to carry, with sentiments like "War", "Ignorance", "Squirrels", "George Bush", etc.. As usual for any volunteer event, they took forever organizing the start of the parade. Fortunately, there was pizza (which was quite good) and soup and bread (the soup, organic spinach and squash, badly needed salt, but the bread was great).

The parade had two bands (horns in the front, percussion around the middle) over a dozen big puppets, two huge float-type puppets (giant head on wheels, back cloth body, with people supporting the hands and feet) and a lot of misc. costumes (lady pirates, invisible men, two little girls in great hippie outfits, made perfect by the round glasses with orange lenses). Colin moved around taking a heck of a lot of pictures, and owlfish and I stayed together watching, managing to duck ahead of the parade about three times to watch it pass completely, then following it the rest of way back park (up to Bloor, over to and down Ossington, along College, and back to the park).

Back in the park, they introduced all the major fears represented by the puppets (although the fear of "Too Much Stuff" I think they made up), and had a little performance over by a series of small shrines people had set up, a couple of fire-twirlers (with lots of sparks) and a Cirque-du-Soleil-like guy, who was climbing up two ribbons hanging from a tree and then suspending himself from them.

Later, you could dance with Death around the bonfire, and all the signs with the fears on them were burned. They also had two roasted pigs, and the Bread of the Dead for people, but we missed out on the bread and only got a little of pig, having spent too much time examining the shrines. Then the band played country music. Now that was Evil.

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lady pirates

"pirettes"? :D

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