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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Kung Fu Friday Strikes Again!

Last night's Halloween KFF event was Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1981), starring Sammo Hung. Sammo plays Courageous Cheung, the local fat guy and kung fu expert. His wife's having an affair with a local big-wig, and when Cheung almost catches them together the big-wig hires an evil Taoist wizard to kill him with magic. But the wizard's younger brother decides to help Cheung, and it all escalates into a final showdown depending on who's altar is higher.

The movie was one of the first to fuse horror and kung-fu, and also one of the first to feature the "hopping" vampire/ghost. While the first half meanders before it settles down to serious ass-kicking, the movie's a lot of fun, and it paved the way to the classic of the genre, Mr. Vampire (1985).

A few showings ago, owlfish won the big door prize, and while I was in Amsterdam, Janet finally won as well. I, however, continue my endless losing streak. One of these days.

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What and where is this Kung Fu Friday?

Kung Fu Friday is an Asian movie event hosted by Colin Geddes and held on (usually) alternate Friday's at the Royal Cinema at 608 College Street. The next showing is Nov. 12, the Sammo Hung action flick Eastern Condors. The KFF website is here.

Colin also sends out a newsletter every two weeks about upcoming shows and anything involving Asian movies in Toronto. You can sign up for is by sending email to ultra8@sympatico.ca.

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