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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Trying to work...

and not succeeding very well. I think I've achieved 25% efficiency at work the past two days.

I've been putting together two power point presentations for projects I've been working on, and when any kind of writing just doesn't click, it ends up taking you forever. I've got the more important one done, and hope to finish the other one Monday.

It doesn't help that I'm completely distracted by the imminent American election and have been compulsively checking my favourite political blogs every half-hour to see what new disgusting tactic the Republicans are up to to depress the vote (correctly calculating that the more people who do turn up, the worse their chances). At least it'll be over soon and (please God) the Shrub will be gone.

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LOL, did you ever see the "If you're gay, black, or a woman, don't vote. One vote has never made the difference. Stay home!" fake-Republican-ad SNL skit?

Got any good links to supposed Republican dirty tricks? I wouldn't be surprised (I may think that Dubya's better than Kerry, but I don't *like* him!), but mostly I've only picked up the anti-Bush crap. ("Oh no! Now that the Clinton Gun Ban has expired, the ghettos are awash in assault weapons!" Err, no.)

Of course, the flip side of the coin is the Democrats' immense frustration with trying to get Democratic blacks to actually get out and vote. I keep waiting for some otherwise-ultra-politically-correct desperate left-wing fringe group to start giving away free buckets of fried chicken, right beside a polling station.

Good political blogs (IMHO) are The Washington Monthly, Talking Points Memo, and The Daily Kos. Well-written, and updated frequently.

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