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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Solyent Green is ... not playing

Last night the great Charleton Heston 70s SF film Solyent Green was to be the 915 PM show at the Royal, and after a friend emailed around that we should see it, I made my appearance at quarter to, only to find the print had never arrived at instead they were showing Open Water.

Dismayed, I waited, and waited, but besides from benet no one else showed, not even he who originally had the idea, a rather disappointing state of affairs. Miss out on Solyent Green? What's happening to my friends?

But the evening was not lost. Neither of us were in a mood to see Open Water, so we decided to have a beer/Smirnoff's Ice instead. Southside Louie's had the debate on the big screen, which instantly drove us both out, so we found refuge at the College Street Bar instead for a few hours.