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Odds and Sods

Playing catch up again...

Very busy last weekend. The Canadian Space Society hosted our 2004 Space Summit at the Science Center last Saturday. Turnout wasn't huge, but the speakers were good, and the model rockets people bought tons of stuff for people to play with. Looks like we came out in the black for it.

That evening saw Shaun of the Dead with owlfish and several others. Go see this movie. It's completely true to the zombie movie genre, and really funny as well. A little over-the-top gore, but you can always avert your eyes if your sensitive to that sort of thing.

Sunday was even busier. First there was Word on the Street in it's new location in Queen's Park. On the plus side, there was more room to move around and the trees provided some shade. On the negative, no restaurants, and I'm sure the booths off the street under the trees did a lot less business them the rest. I wonder why they just didn't have booths all the way around the loop? They had the room. Anyway, I picked up a ton of stuff, and also my annual charity subscription to a Canadian magazine (it was This magazine this year).

Then there was an Anime North general meeting for the 2005 con. That went well. We got a lot of business done and some good discussion. Next year is looking up I think.

Then it was off to Irwin's and Lisa's for the evening, with some Dr. Who and City of Heroes.


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