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Wrote the stupid exam!

Finally wrote the PEO exam Saturday afternoon, in a gym at the Athletic Center at U of T of all places. And aside from a single moment of gross stupidity it went well.

As usual with exams the most part was the waiting. I left home at 1 PM, walked over, got there at 25 minutes after, walked slowly around the black as it was better than just standing around, and got back to be let in with about 100 other engineers. I didn't recognize anyone, although from the conversations there ere all sorts of people there who hadn't seen each other for four years. All my classmates probably wrote the exam years ago.

Anyway, the exam comes in two parts, A on ethics, B on law. You write each part in its own answer book and seal them in separate envelopes when you're done, with three hours total for writing. I read over each part, and found them both straightforward, nothing tricky or hard. So I started with the ethics part, answered all the questions pretty completely in only an hour, stretched, closed the answer book, and found that I had put all the Part A answers in the Part B Book!

Oddly enough, I didn't go completely mental at the time, as after a few seconds I figured that I was well ahead of schedule, I knew all the Part B answers, and there was enough time to copy the answers over to the right book. So I got a clean Part B book and started copying. But the guy I got the book from must have told the exam overseer what had happened because he came over, crossed out the "B" on the answer book, wrote in an "A", signed and dated it, and wagged his finger in my face. So he thinks I'm an idiot, as will whoever grades the paper, but even if they take some marks off for general dumbness it shouldn't matter.

I still can't believe I was that dumb.

Afterwards, I was completely wasted and spent the rest of the night recuperating. I have no idea now how I managed to survive exams in University considering how badly this one laid me out. And University exams really mattered, if I blow the PEO exam, I can just take it again. Either I've gone soft or I really was younger in those days.

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We all do dumb things sometimes

Doing a dumb thing doesn't mean you are dumb, and hopefully everyone including the test markers is aware of that. At Smofcon this weekend I picked up my suitcase, had a spit second hesitation of "is it closed", dropped it.... on my foot. Now I have a big bruise there. - Hope (who has never posted to a live journal before)

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